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MOROI follows  Mora, a witch and the protagonist of the story.

The world Mora lives in has evolved past the point of collapse, where humanity has reverted back to small villages and settlements overgrown with lush vegetation shunning the remains of Old Architecture that people have no use for anymore.

The playable character is a witch residing in the haunted Hoia Baciu forest, who notices strange things and creatures emerge from the forbidden forest, apparitions that steal the life of nearby villagers causing them to wrongfully riot against the witch, assuming she is the culprit behind the evil seeping into the village.

Mora makes it her mission to rid the villagers of these new enemies, so she can once again have peace but she more secrets are uncovered the deeper she travels into the forest.

Evironment & Production Design

The Design of Mora's House serves as a travel point and Haven for the protagonist. Items can be stored and gathered here, together with the option of crafting potions and mending weapons.

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Tools Design & Tarot Cards

The use of 3D was detrimental to the workflow I had envisioned and cut the design time in half.

Used for the basic idea of the Treehouse and Mora's Tools of trade, it ended up being my favorite way to work that I implement up to date despite a lot of artists shying away from it because it feels like cheating unless everything is 100% self-drawn and designed.

The Tarot Cards are a key element of the game design since all information on characters, world, bestiary and abilities is stored there.

The player can only access their inventory and their abilities, including new ones, only via the cards they collect and store.

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